Flatwater Paddling Guide

Pigeon River

The Pigeon River is one of the best small rivers in Indiana. The upper part of the river is called Pigeon Creek.

grass-pink orchid along the Pigeon River

Indiana-DNR page on this river.

River Flow Levels

Pigeon River near Scott, IN

River flow level for USGS site 04099750 USGS Flow levels

Pigeon Creek near Angola, IN

USGS Flow levels



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Ontario Millpond

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N 390 E

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Nasby Millpond

The Nasby Millpond is an excellent access point to the Pigeon river. If you want a very short trip, the put-in below the Mongo Reservoir Dam to the Nasby Millpond is a nice section to paddle. The Nasby Millpond has provided a good location for canoe lessons from Earth Adventures Unlimited. The little bit of light rapids that can form below the dam is a nice place to play with a current that is more exciting than the typical local river.

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Be careful about paddling the section immediately below the dam in high water conditions. There are often fallen trees that can become dangerous strainers if the flow level is too high.


This is probably the most popular put-in on the Pigeon River due to Trading Post Canoe Rental and Campground.

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County Road 1100

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Highway 327

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