Flatwater Paddling Guide

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek is a good small flatwater river just north of Fort Wayne. Cedar Creek is the largest tributary of the St. Joseph (of the Maumee) River.

River Flow Levels


USGS Flow levels


River flow level for USGS site 04180000 USGS Flow levels

The minimum paddleable flow is 100 cfs at the Cedarville gauge, though a minimum of 200 cfs makes a much better paddle.


Put-ins are listed from confluence with the St. Joseph River (Maumee River) upstream.


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This put-in is just above its confluence with the St. Joseph. This is a good location to start paddling downstream to Shoaf Park or IPFW on the St. Joseph. There are a few rocks downstream.

Metea County Park -- Hursh Road

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This put-in is at the north unit of Metea County Park. There is a second larger parking lot just east of the put-in, with access to park trails.

Tonkel Road

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Upstream from this point there are often numerous logjams.

Cook's Landing County Park

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Cook's Landing County Park is a small park with a picnic shelter and good access to Cedar Creek for fishing or canoeing.